A scary night and our first u/s

I had a very “interesting” day yesterday.

It started very scary actually. DH and I had planned to go to work, then go to our doctor’s appointment then grocery shopping.

Well, that didn’t work at all. The night before, I told DH that I was having some aches on my left side. It felt like I had pulled a muscle or something. I did some light stretching afterwards and it got better. So I went to sleep.

At 3am I was awaken by this horrible sharp pain when I turned my body. I didn’t move for a while hoping it would go away but I couldn’t stay lay down because it hurt too. There wasn’t a position that didn’t hurt. If I lay on my left side, right side or on my back it all hurt.

So, I woke Tom up and told him how much I ached. Although he didn’t say, I could tell he was worried.

I couldn’t handle it anymore and at about 4am I took some Tylenol. I could only think of the worst. I was sure that I had an ectopic pregnancy and that something was very wrong with me.

I called my RE’s office at about 5am. I waited for someone to call me back but nothing. The pain finally dissipated and I could rest my head on the pillow while sitting up. My Re’s office is about 45minutes away so I told Tom that we were going no matter what.

We arrived there at around 8am. They took FOREVER to take me back. They apologized and said that they had to see the patients that were on the schedule but that they would see me soon.

My turn finally arrived. My favorite nurse took us back but we still had to wait for a while. She asked questions and in she went for the ultrasound.

She was VERY thorough with us. She looked EVERYWHERE to make sure that I didn’t have an ectopic pregnancy. She explained to us EVERYTHING that she was seeing and what everything meant. I was very relieved that it wasn’t an ectopic.

Finally, there it was. Our little baby inside it’s little perfect sac and we could see his / her little heart beating away. Absolutely amazing.  Love at first sight.

Watching your baby’s heart beating for the first time is always something that you’ll NEVER forget. It’s one of those moments that is just so precious. She took tons of pictures for us and although the pics weren’t good quality (because of the machine) they’re so precious to us.

Our baby is measuring right on track at 6 weeks and 4 days. I didn’t get a heart rate but I did get to watch for a very long time.

The explanation to all that pain that I had!? Well, ligament pain. To be more specific it’s called Round Ligament Pain. I guess it’s very normal and although it usually starts on the second trimester lots of women get it early on.

I just have to be very careful how I move my body. No sudden moves and I have to go to sleep with tons of pillows all around me so I don’t toss and turn too much.

We have our first OB appointment next week on the 26th. It’s a new doctor for us and we’ve heard very good things about him. I have high hopes.



  1. Myndi · January 19, 2010

    Congrats! Your numbers are solid, baby’s on track, heart is beating…what could be better? So happy for you!

    • wtbocianski · January 19, 2010

      thank u so much for ur support. Have gone through a m/c just changes u and has turned me into an even more paranoid person.
      I’ve been trying to stay positive and visualize my goals (a friends idea)

      Anyway, thank u and Hang in there.

  2. 21reena · January 21, 2010

    So glad the pain wasn’t serious and am SO HAPPY that you got to see the heartbeat – what a miracle!

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