Beta #3

I woke up early this morning to go get my third beta. It was amazing how many people got up early too.

I was the second one in line and by 5:45am there were about 10 people or more in line already.

They took what it felt like forever to take me back. The nice lady that was in front of me was apparently “a hard patient” since they were having a really hard time getting her veins.

Then it was MY turn. The thing is, I’m notorious for having “difficult” veins.

The poor lady was like “ohh goodness today will be hard vein day”. I told her, don’t worry you got me last time, I have faith in you.

Of course she was able to get it and it was a breeze. The ladies there are super nice. I ran out of there to go back to work.

Being at work and waiting to hear from my RE’s office with the darn results.

Being the “patient” person that I am I had to call them. By 10:45am I called, I couldn’t wait any longer. The expectation was strangling me.

I was able to speak with the nurse and she said “girl your numbers are great.” I said “really?” she said yep. They are 12,662 today. WOW!!!!

I was expecting about nine thousand or so, 12,000 is just AMAZING!!!

She confirmed with me about my ultrasound appointment and she congratulated me one more time.

I again asked her about the “strawberry lip stick” on the tip of the Endometrin applicator. She reassured me that it’s plenty normal and that I shouldn’t worry.

I have to wait until Monday late afternoon for my ultrasound. I’ll try my best to stay stress free and be patient. Ohh I want to see that little heart beating so badly.



  1. 21reena · January 14, 2010

    BEST – NEWS – EVER!!!

    • wtbocianski · January 14, 2010

      Thank u sweetie, I’m sooooooo happy.
      I can’t wait until Monday.

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