Nausea? OMG my first morning sickness!

Morning sickness anyone?!

Yesterday I woke up feeling all woozy and my first thought was “am I really nauseous?”

You see, this is the thing about going through infertility treatment and taking all of those medications. Sometimes all you’re having is a “reaction” to your medication and nothing else, so when we do get something knew we question ourselves, “is this a true symptom or not?”

Like a dork, I went online to Google what morning sickness was. Don’t get me wrong I think I know what it means but I wanted to know what the internet had to say. I guess that’s what I have, morning sickness.

Yesterday, my hubby wanted to take me on a date. We went to watch Sherlock Holmes, the movie was great. I was miserably nauseous the entire time but I was so happy at the same time, I was having my first real symptom and for whatever crazy reason that made me super happy.

I didn’t get to actually throw up but I almost did multiple times. Even during the movies I had to strategize how or what I would do if I had to run out. First thought was, there were a couple of ladies at right at the end so I had to pass them without puking on them. Second thought was, what if I don’t make it to the bathroom, then I though, BINGO, I have the large size popcorn bucket!!! I know gross but it’s better than doing it on the floor or inside of the theater.

Thankfully I didn’t have to resort to any of that. I would just adjust myself often and move around and focus on “don’t throw up” a lot and it went away.

The funny thing that happened was my mother calling. She calls often so that’s nothing new. But she called and asked “what are your symptoms today?” I told her that I was nauseous then she screamed “I knew it!” I had to ask her how and she said that she too was feeling nauseated.

She then said that usually one person in the family gets some of the pregnancy symptoms and that she was probably be the one. Then she asked me, “Please, no tooth aches…..I can’t take those any more”.

I couldn’t stop laughing. I guess it’s possible. I remember with my last pregnancy Tom (my hubby) was the one getting the symptoms, I guess now it’s my mom’s turn.

Today I called my RE because I wanted to ask about my lower back aches. They tell me it’s normal and that it’s just my body adjusting to the pregnancy. They also told me that if it gets worse to call so they can check and see if maybe I have an UTI or something.

As far as the back aches, they said that I shouldn’t stay in the sitting position for more than one hour at the time. That I should get up at least once per hour and walk around and stretch. So, I guess I’ll be going to the bathroom a lot.

I’m going in for my blood work in 3 days (but who is counting, right?) I’m anxious and curious to see what the numbers will be.


One comment

  1. 21reena · January 4, 2010

    I’m so excited you’re sick, lol! In seriousness, I’m so happy things are progressing so nicely!! Keep us posted!

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