Hanging in there! only 12 more days to go

It’s only been 2 days since my IUI and I can totally see myself obsessing already. It’s strange that I don’t really feel freaked out (like I used to) but I do find myself looking online way more often than I should to check on my support group and to read other IF blogs.

This IUI felt different than the others. I don’t feel as much pressure and cramps as I did before and I’m not sure what to make of that.

I already have my mom calling me every day to ask me “what’s new?” (As if I’m going to tell her something that I’m pregnant already or something). I already asked her to please not call me every day to ask me that, I won’t know anything any time sooner just because she calls me.

But you know how it is, moms are always going to worry and mine is no different.

It’s strange for me because when I was pregnant with my angel baby I had some different things happen to me. Such as, I could not stand this one person at work. I’m not kidding you, every time I would hear this person’s voice it would make me cringe. This is happening again…..I can’t stand it. I have no idea why, I just can’t handle it.

Another “thing” was me wanting to eat salty things. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate just as much as any other girl, but while pregnant I wanted salty and not sweet. Guess what I want to eat now? Salty!

The thing is, I know it’s WAY too early for all of this to be happening so all I can do is blame it on all of those shots that I took. That’s right; I’m blaming it on hormones. What else could it be?!

I’m trying to not do any heavy lifting, I’ve cut out caffeine and I’m only drinking one decaf cup of coffee a day, and I’m regularly taking all my meds and just trying to relax.

It’s going to be hard relaxing right before Christmas but I’m going to try.

Our Christmas plans are going to be quite interesting. For Christmas Eve (it’s our family’s tradition to celebrate this day) my husband’s family is serving a semi-traditional Polish meal. I’m used to it but I’m not sure how my parents are going to like it.

For Christmas day it’s going to be my family’s turn to cook. We’re making a turkey and probably ham too (since it’s my favorite). We’ll see how all of that is going to go.

Anyway. Although it seems like we’re going to be very busy I still have IF swimming around inside of my head. I hope that I can make it through New Year’s.



  1. 21reena · December 19, 2009

    omg- GOOD LUCK with the 2WW…it is the MOST AWFUL WAIT EVER!!!! …and don’t feel bad if you want to start POAS right away – do what you need to do to stay calm! Hope you get a BFP!!!

    • wtbocianski · December 21, 2009

      Yes the 2ww is the worst. I still have another 10 days to go and now I have my mother calling me everyday asking me “what’s new?”…
      No pressure huh?
      What’s the next plan for you???

  2. 21reena · December 21, 2009

    Taking a break…working out…going on a trip and then starting IVF in February…it’s a “sort of break”-still have to do tests, take an injections class and order the meds 🙂

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