Welcome to the 2ww!!!

We had our IUI yesterday. Everything went great. We’re now finally in the dreadful two week wait.

The same nurse that got us our BFP last time did our IUI this time. I’m hoping this is good luck. She said our numbers were great (50 mil) and we were ready to rock and roll.

I reminded her to use a different clamp since my cervix needs that extra care. She said that she remembered and she was all set already.

Then she said “well, it seems that your cervix is behaving today”, I had to laugh and said “she better, since I had a serious talk with her.” We both just cracked up laughing. She then told me to hold on and get ready since the insemination was about to happen.

Everything went so smoothly that I had to ask her “are you sure you’re done?” She laughed and said that everything went very smoothly.

I can feel a little bit of cramps here and there but nothing bad at all. It’s strange when we’re looking for pain and something for us to worry, then when we don’t find it then we worry that it’s not there and that something must be wrong.

What a weird vicious cycle this is.

I’m trying my best to stay positive, think positive and not worry. We’ll see how long this lasts since today is only 1dpiui. I still have another 13 days to go. AHHHHHH

Today I started taking my Endometrium. For those who have not tried this yet and only used Prometrium, I have to tell you that Endometrium is SO MUCH better. It’s a huge difference, at least for me. I can’t complain at all.

It’s not like I love doing it but at least it’s much much better than the Prometrium.
Anyway, we’re now trying to get ready for Christmas.

It seems that both our parents are coming to spend Christmas with us. It’s very funny since we’ve NEVER had them both at the same time ever since we’ve been together. Its even stranger is that we said that we wouldn’t celebrate Christmas this year (with the loss of the baby and all) and we’re not only celebrating it but we’re hosting it too. Our house is full of lights and Christmas is here full force.

I’m not complaining at all, it kind of helps my mind stay busy but I thought I would comment on it.

Anyway, one day down and 13 more to go. We’ll see how long I’ll hold off on POAS.


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