Can’t wait until tomorrow.

I finally have a good update to post. My last appointment with my RE wasn’t so happy for me so I didn’t want to post anything. It’s not that anything bad happened it’s just that my follicles were not ready and I took that a little too hard.

I took a total of 9 days of two shots of medication a day and I have to say that although I was not very happy about that, it wasn’t too bad after all.

It’s funny how our bodies kind of used to doing these things and we start acting like it’s no big deal.

Anyway, yesterday I went in to see my RE. Our wonderful nurse came in and did our ultrasound. They have this new tech machine that we’re not sure if we like it or not. Hahaha. Yeah, you heard it right, we’re now giving our opinion on machines that they use in the office……Tom is actually the one that has been “complaining” about this machine the most.

I guess with the old one, the measurements were clearer for him to see and it would automatically give the average of the follicle, whereas this machine doesn’t. It gives two different measurements and then you have to manually calculate it (or something like that).

The good news is that I have a total of 3 big follicles all together. I have to big ones on my right side and another big one on my left. They’re all about 17-18 which means that they’re all the same size. I’m super excited about that……I’m trying to believe that this is great news and I’m sticking with that.

We’re going in tomorrow (12/17) at 10:15am to have our IUI done. We’re super excited, I’m praying so very hard that this is it for us. I’m trying my best to just think positive and believe that God has been listening to our prayers.

We won’t find out if it worked until New Years Eve. Yes, I know…….TORTUROUS!!!

I’ve already called in my refills for my Endometrin and I should start taking those as of Friday. I’ll be taking one in the morning and one at night for two weeks. Believe me, for someone that has tried both Prometrium and Endometrin, I prefer Endometrin all the way. It’s way easier to apply and it irritates you much less.

The side effects are kind of the same but I’m so used to it that it’s not even worth mentioning.

Alright ladies and gentleman, hold on tight, here we go again.

Two week wait here we come.

Praying for a Christmas/New Years miracle!


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