Waiting on those Follicles to grow.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated.

Well, I started taking my shots back on Dec 2nd. I did 150IU of Follistim from the 2nd until the 5th.  I’m so used to it that it’s not even funny. The follistim injections are the “easy” ones.

On Dec 6th I started the new combo. I took 75IU of Follistim PLUS 75IU of Menopur, yes ladies and gentleman; I had to give myself 2 separate shots a day. Not only that but the Menopur burns in comparison to the stinging sensation of the Follistim.

The first time I did the combo I think that I was so anxious and nervous about it that my blood pressure must have lowered or something because I felt like I was going to pass out. I didn’t, but still, it was a horrible feeling.

Sadly today, after 5 days of injections I’m somewhat used to this and the last two shots (yesterday and today) were barely noticeable. Isn’t it just sad that we get used to giving ourselves shots in the stomach? If someone were to have told me that one day I would be giving myself shots in the stomach willingly I would have said “you’re crazy”.

So, hopefully today was my last day of stiming and tomorrow when I see my RE he’ll tell me that I have beautiful follicles and that I’m ready to trigger. (Here is so wishful thinking).

I’m also getting my trigger shot delivered tomorrow. I always forget about that darn thing. I called my RE yesterday about it and thankfully they called it in right away and we got it to be delivered tomorrow.

I’m excited about this cycle, I’m going to try not to be too excited and get my hopes up but I’m trying to stay positive and think positive.

I have to say that with the holidays approaching it hasn’t been easy lately. My due date was right around the corner and I was supposed to be super big and ready to pop……and I’m not.
I almost had a meltdown at Target the other day. How pathetic is that?! I could not even walk near the baby isle. The moment I saw it, tears started to roll down and I had to turn around the walk the other way. I was able to hold on to the meltdown until I got home.

Anyway. Back to happy, positive thoughts. Tomorrow is going to be a great day and we’ll figure out when our next IUI is going to be.
Till tomorrow then.



  1. 21reena · December 12, 2009

    How was your doctor’s appointment? It’s crazy that we have to give OURSELVES shots-right? I’ve only done trigger ones – but will start the dailly ones on February. You’re not pathetic about being sad at Target – our lives are differnt than we imagined they’d be and we have to deal with that loss.

    Hope you have good news to report!

  2. 21reena · December 13, 2009

    Hey! Just wanted you to know I gave you an award – come see!

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