I’m back and ready to try again.

Praying for a New Miracle

We are back from vacation and ready to start trying again.

It’s amazing how fast things seem to be progressing and I’m not about to complain either.

Our vacation to Poland was wonderful. Tom has a great family and we had lots of fun. We tried to relax and take a little break but as you might now, it’s almost impossible to do when you have family around.

We got back on the 27th late at night. We drove back from LA on the 28th and on the 30th we had our first doctor’s appointment.

I was taking BCP up until the 27th (as doctor ordered) and they made sure to ask me a million times if that’s when I last took the pill.

Yesterday (the 30th) I went in for my baseline ultrasound. I saw nurse Missy, she is adorable and super nice. They all are. She kept saying that everything looked beautiful. I’m not sure what that means, but I’ll go with the flow.

She then asked me to wait a little bit for further instructions. The assistant came in with instructions. I’m to start taking my follistim on Dec 2nd .  I’ll keep taking  150IU injections, I’ll do that for 4 days. On Dec 6th I’ll change it up a little. I’ll take 75IU of Follistim and one whole vile of Menopur a day.

When she said that I had to ask “so, am I taking 2 needle pricks a day?” she chuckled and said “sorry, yes you are.”

I had to ask her “do you guys lay in bed at night thinking about ways to make this process more painful for us?” (of course she knows that I’m a jokester and she knew that I was kidding). She laughed and responded “I don’t, but Missy does”. We both laughed it off and she then showed me how to mix up the menopur  (since I have never done that).

I did a little bit of research and found out that a lot of people that have done IVF have used the Follistim + Menopur combination. From what I understand the Menopur helps the follicle to create a healthier egg. I’m just hoping that it works. Pray, pray, pray.



  1. 21reena · December 2, 2009

    Welcome back!!! I’m so excited that you’re already on your way! Praying!

  2. Yolyvette · December 3, 2009

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanessa!!!!!!!! I just Found out we will be going for IUI around the same time!!!! I just joined the thread and got so exited when i saw you there!!!!! Is nice to be able to share this with you once again. Ill be praying double for the two of us.

    • wtbocianski · December 3, 2009

      I know, I know, I know.
      It’s great to have you there with me and be able to go through this journey with you.
      We’ll have our Christmas miracle together.
      Pray, Pray, Pray.

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