It was a Fibroid after all.


I was finally able to speak with my RE a couple of days ago. He is so funny. We’ve been playing phone tag for almost a week now and when we spoke he finally said “young lady I’m not used to being treated like this. You are one difficult lady to talk to”

I felt so bad. I know how busy he is and he’s called me so many times and could never reach me. We were playing cat and mouse for a while there.

Anyway. I had to ask him the many questions that I had.

I explained to him that Tom (my hubby) knows quite a bit about this whole IF business but he didn’t really know much about this surgery so he didn’t really understand what Dr.Synn said after my surgery was done.

Dr.S then said “well we removed a fibroid”.

My question was “what is the difference between a polyp and a fibroid?”

Dr.S’s answer :
“A polyp is a tumor of the lining of the uterus, wheres a fibroid is a tumor of the wall of the uterus”  he then said “a polyp is softer and a fibroid is harder, meatier”.

I couldn’t help but think “Did he just say TUMOR!!!!?” It was freaking me out but I didn’t want to interrupt him so I let him finish.

Before I could ask he says “Don’t you worry, I already got the pathology report and it was a benign tumor. Everything looks great.”

OMG!!! That was such wonderful news. I was so freaking happy to hear that. It’s amazing how in just a matter of seconds of hearing the word tumor my brain processed it and went to the worst possible scenerios.

I was then told that they have to great pictures of the surgery to show me. I couldn’t help and said “Oh my,  I hope you took pictures of my good side” we both laughed and he asked if I had any other questions.

Well, I said “since everything looks so great now, you’ll get me pregnant with twins next time, right?”
I could so tell that he didn’t know how to answer that. All he said was “we’ll see, we’ll see” then he gave me a chuckle.

I get it, he wouldn’t want to put my hopes up for saying yes and he didn’t want to crush them if he said not either. I got it doc.

I asked him if it was ok for me to take the H1N1 vaccine and he said that he would love if I could and that he has no problem with it. So, I did get it. (a whole other story to write about this).T

This is it for now. I get to see him (or one of his nurses) on the 10th before my trip.

I hope that when we get back we can get back on the saddle and start trying again.

Below are some links if you’re interested on knowing more about Fibroids:




One comment

  1. 21reena · November 8, 2009

    This all seems great! I looks like you’re right on track and ready to go!!! I can’t wait hear more!

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