Surgery update!


I had surgery last Wednesday and everything went well. This time around was a little “easier” since I knew I wasn’t going in to remove my baby. I knew that it was a diagnostic procedure and I didn’t have that nagging feeling that I was losing something.

The people that took care of me in the hospital were wonderful. The nurses were very attentive and man did I make them work for their money.

Let me explain. My veins are not usually the easiest things to find and this time they were almost impossible to find. Not only had I had nothing to drink all day long I was also so freaking cold.

They had given me the typical hospital gown and socks to put on, and then they came in with this weird looking socks (yes another pair), that had holes on both sides. They are very long and they go from your toes up to your knee. They tell me that they’re supposed to help with circulation. Man those things were tight. Of course, given that I’m a juicy lady, they had to give me a size up……which let me tell you, were still pretty tight.

So, one nurse came and tried my left arm. Even though I told her that they usually get blood out of my right, she still wanted to try the left. For the first time in my life, they used lidocaine to numb the area. Don’t get me wrong, for the time that they took looking around for my vein I was glad that they used it.

She tried and tired and then she did what I was so scared of. She turned my hand over and looked there. I told her “please don’t do that to me”, she gave me that funny smile and said, “well, let me get another nurse in so she can try too”.

In came the other nurse, who was supposed to be more experienced. She moved on to my right arm. She completely ignored the usual area where they draw blood and went straight into my forearm. She numb the area again and in she went looking for that vein.  She looked for a while and nothing. This time it did hurt a bit, I think she went in a little further than the area that she numbed.

She then looks at me and tells me “well, we’re going to have to try the hand. I see something here”. Ahhhhh I could feel the pain already. She numbed my hand and in she went. It took her a little bit then she said “I think I got it”. What do you mean by that? “You think?” I had to ask “how do you know that you did?” she said “your hand is not swelling up, so we got it”. That did not sound reassuring to me at all.

The moment she finished taping me I felt this weird pain in my wrist. I thought it was all in my head so I didn’t say anything. It got strong there for a second then it stopped. I thought, great, the worst is over.

I’m not going to lie to you, I had at least 6 people come into my room to ask me if I knew what procedure I was having, what I had to drink/eat last and what time. I was getting a little tired of saying the same thing, over and over again.

Then, the anesthesiologist came in. He seemed like a VERY serious person. He was not about to laugh at anything. So different then my last one. He made sure to tell me that death was a possibility and then questions me about my eating/drinking again.

When it was time to go in, he came back into my room and injected something into the IV. I felt every inch of that medication run through my veins. I think that the vein that the nurse got ran on top of that funny bone that you have on your wrist and it hurt like a mofo.

I kissed my sweet husband good buy and I was wheeled out to my OR. This time I had to move myself to the bed. I got to see those huge lights above my head, it was so weird. The nurses were super nice there but I remember thinking “I don’t think she should be using jewelry inside an O.R.”

They put those heart monitors on me and then put the oxygen mask. I took a couple of breaths and I was out.

I woke up in the recovery area. Told the nurse that I was in pain, and she gave me some magic drugs. I felt so awkward that she came in and just lifted my covers to look in there, she then said “you have a pad and the pad has a spot on it”. She said that multiple times, not sure why. It was just awkward.

I was then moved to the second recovery area, where they were able to bring my husband in. I was still feeling pain and a lot of pressure. I pressed that button to call the nurse and from the speaker she asked me “may I help you?” I said, “yes, I need to use the restroom”.

The nurse area wasn’t far from where I was and we could hear them saying “patient on area #3 needs to go potty” , I couldn’t stop laughing. They said that multiple times until the nurse that was assigned to me came in with the wheelchair.  Needless to say after I went pee the pressure stopped and I could relax more.

Tom took me home and had made me some wonderful chicken soup. I had to take a couple of pain meds when I got home and after the chicken soup I felt much better. Ohh I had to keep using those long socks for at least 24 hours post surgery. They were so much fun.

I took 2 days off from work and everything was great. I still haven’t heard from the doctor to know any results but he tried to call me and left me a message, I should be talking to him tomorrow to know more about the surgery.


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