One week down, One more to go!


It’s been a week since our IUI and although I’ve been trying to stay calm and not think about it, it’s easier said than done.

I don’t think that I’ve freaked out yet, but I’m sure getting very anxious about knowing the results. I guess that’s not too abnormal. Since the 2ww goes like this, the first week is all about the excitement of having done the treatment and that feeling of dying to know if it worked or not.

The second week of the 2ww is pure torture. You start analyzing every little thing about your cycle, what you did, what you could have done, and of course every little symptom. Then, after you’ve done all of that, you then start counting the days to when you can POAS (Pee on a Stick).

The range of getting a positive on a HPT (Home Pregnancy Test) varies so very much that it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not. I’ve heard of people that get their BFP (Big Fat Positive) only 10 days after their treatment, some even sooner. On the other hand some people only get their positive the day that they’re suppose to test, which it would be day 14.

I can become very addicted to POAS, I know that for a fact. I’m also able to become very sad and depressed because I got a negative, and I too know that for a fact.

This is so very hard. I hate waiting. You know when someone tells you that they’re going to show up and then they don’t? Well, they drive me CRAZY!!! It makes me super mad that I have to wait. AHHHH this sucks.

As far as symptoms, well, it’s hard to tell. The Endometrin that I’m taking gives me so many false symptoms that it’s hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not. One thing that has not left me is the feeling of being so damn bloated.

Anything and everything that I eat makes me feel like a huge cow. My stomach blows up like a freaking balloon and I look 6 months pregnant or something like that. It’s really strange.

I’ve also had some bbs sensitivity, but that’s also something that I can expect from the Endometrin. I’m also a little crampy, more like lower back aches……again, I think they are all side effects from the meds.

It really sucks that all of those meds makes you feel so pregnant. It’s a real torture to want something so bad, then to feel like you are only to then find out that you’re not.  Does that even make sense?

Anyway, I have a long week ahead of me. Wish me luck.


One comment

  1. Rachel · October 20, 2009

    I’m starting the 2nd week of my 2ww today. I just checked the date of this post- so you should know something by now. Good news?

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