The day has arrived!!!

The D-Day finally arrived.  I didn’t work today, how could I, I knew I would be way too anxious and nervous to work then drive to the doctor’s office.

Our appointment was at 10:15am, I woke up at 7am thinking that I was late. From then on I could barely sleep. I kept tossing and turning and eventually I got up.

I could tell that Tom and anxious, not a bad anxious but excited kind of anxious. We had to stop by our Pharmacy to make sure that they would fill up our Endometrin prescription otherwise I would have to ask my RE for a new Prometrium prescription. They told me that it hadn’t arrived yet but that they should have it in a couple of hours.

Off we went to our doctor’s office. Tom was already talking as if we for sure are going to get pregnant. I was not as freaked out as I thought I was going to be. Not sure why just yet.

Of course, like any Monday, the doctor’s office was packed and they were super busy. I used to work in the medical field so I can understand. For some reason everyone has an emergency on Mondays that’s just how it works.

They finally called my name. I was so happy and so very nervous to get this done with. I look up and the same nurse that did our IUI last time was the one who was going to do this IUI. I was very happy.

I joked with her and said “Are you going to the me pregnant again?” She smiled back and said “I sure hope so”.  You know that you’ve done this enough when they tell you “you know the routine.” Of course I know the routine; this is the 4th time I do this. I should know what to do, and I did.

Got myself prepped up on the bed and waited for her to come in. There she comes, with her miracle syringe in her hand, that syringe held our precious sample. I asked her how did we do and she responded “really great” our sample had 62mil and it had a 67% motility. YAY we were super excited!!

There I lay waiting to be inseminated.  Tom came to my side and held my hand. It’s a strange thing to be looking into your husband’s eye and to know that there’s someone looking into you like that. It’s really weird.

She had to move around the clamp with that moving my cervix too. It’s uncomfortable but not that painful. She then cleans the area and I’m all ready.  When they inject the sperm into you it’s a very bizarre feeling. It gives you pressure as if there’s air or lots of liquid inside of you.

I had to lay there for about 15 minutes, we actually stay for 20…..silly us we were talking and laughing and we forgot about the time.

Usually after an IUI we do something together. Last time we went home and watched a movie at home. Well, since it worked last time, we decided to do the same. We headed home and after some food, I went to lay in bed and rest.

There was quite some pressure down there. I’m not sure what was going on but I sure hope that it was a good sign. I did notice something new this time. I had some spotting, which I never had before. I guess it was because she had to manipulate my cervix. I’m not worried about it.

So now we wait. Yes, the most dreadful thing of all, WAIT!!

As my mom said to me yesterday, I’m not the only one trying to get pregnant here…… entire family and friends are all there with me. They’re all anxiously waiting to know, just like I am.

Hold on tight because the 2ww (two week wait) is the worst part. Emotions will run high and my mood is unpredictable.


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