Just one more day!

Tomorrow is a new day

We’re just one day away from our IUI treatment.

Last night I gave myself the trigger shot. Man oh man did I forget how that felt like. With the Follistim shot is a little different, with the Follistim we use a pen like syringe, it’s very easy.

With the trigger shot it’s not like that at all. I’m not 100% sure but I think that the needle is a little longer and more wobbly. The moment I inserted it, I guess it didn’t go all the way in (at once that is) and I had to push in the rest…….needless to say it hurt like a mofo.

The liquid itself stings a little too. I was waiting for some kind of side effects from the meds before I went to bed. I think that I used to have some hot flashes kind of side effects but to tell u the truth I was so tired that I crashed in bed and I don’t remember much.

This morning was a different story. My sweet hubby asked me “how are your ovaries doing?” I chuckled a little and I had to pause and think about how they felt. It was really early in the morning and I wasn’t all there just yet.  I knew I could “feel” them but it wasn’t anything really.

Well, I take that back now. I can totally feel them now. It’s almost like a “cramp” but not really. It’s strange……I just hope that this means something good.

Still with all that we’re still going to have to wait and see how tomorrow’s numbers are. I mean for the after wash care of the sperm.

We’re praying that they’re good numbers and that with 3 follicles, a lining of 14 and good sperm numbers that our chances will be great.

I’ll update once we’re home after our procedure.

We’re still accepting prayers until our two week wait is all over.


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