4th day of Meds and Ordering Meds


This is somewhat what my packages looked like yesterday.

Today it’s the fourth day of Follistim injections. They’ve been burning quite a bit for the past two days. I might be wrong but I think that my vision has gotten a little blurry since I’ve started treatment.

So, before I started treatment, I called my RE’s office and asked them to place the order for my medications, I knew that it would take them a couple of days to process the order and send it to me. Needless to say, they didn’t listen to me at all and they told me that they would order my meds once I came in for my baseline ultrasound.

Since my period came in on a Saturday, I came in on Monday which meant that I had to start taking shots that same day.  Luckily I had one vial left and I knew that I was going to be ok for two days. One of the medical assistants told me that she would call the specialty pharmacy and that if I had not heard from them by Tuesday, for me to give them a call.

Of course I did. To my biggest surprise they inform me that they’ve never received any calls or a fax from my doctor’s office. Sometimes I think that I’m one of those annoying patients that always calling and asking questions, but come on, this is all very serious business and I got to stay on top of things.

Of course I called my doc’s office and spoke with the same medical assistant. She promised to personally see that the prescription would be called in and that all would be resolved. A couple of hours later, she called and left a message saying that I would have to come into the office to “borrow” a vial of meds since most likely they would not have enough time to process and send me the meds the next day.

WHAT? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t I say that this was going to happen? Believe me, if I have to go see them for more meds I would, but lets not forget that I live almost one hour away from the doctor’s office.

There I was again calling the pharmacy to talk about my prescription. I was very lucky to speak with someone that was very nice and she made my order a rush order and asked me to call her in a couple of hours. I waited a couple of more hours and on my way home called the pharmacy about the medication, again, I was lucky to get another lady who was niceish. My order was ready and she made to that they would deliver it the next day. I was SO happy. Until, she said “I’ll be sending it UPS”.

I knew that I had to sign for my meds and asked her if she could mail this to my work address. The problem is the UPS driver that we have working in our area. He never delivers the packages to the correct location; he always makes a shortcut and delivers our package to our other location 20 minutes away.

I was on pins and needles waiting for this package yesterday all day. Sure enough, I get a call from our other location that my packages had arrived there. Man oh man was I furious. Luckily my husband had no left work yet and he was able to bring me my packages. Needless to say I was beyond POED and I called UPS to make a complaint. I’ve already spoken with a couple of people about it and now I’m waiting to hear from a supervisor.

I don’t mean to get this guy in trouble on purpose, but he is the only UPS driver that we’ve had that has given us this much trouble. Plus I have all this hormones rushing through my system and that just makes things much worse for me.

At the end of the day, I got my meds and I felt like a little kid with all these new gift. Who knew that I would be so happy to get shots. I used to get paid (by my parents) to get shots, know I’m the one paying for them and I’m happy about it. Go figure.


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