My first belly bruise!

Today is the second day of injections. I have to say that it stung a little bit more and I believe I hit a blood vessel since I had a little bit of bleeding.

That means that I got my very first bruise today. YAY for me!

I guess that I had some “side effects” yesterday. I felt really, really hot later last night. I thought that it was just because where I live is very hot, but I was reading my old journal and I also had the same feeling hot symptom when I first started.

Treatment this time is somewhat strange. Maybe it’s because I’ve already done this 4 times now and I know what to expect. I’m not sure.

I have times that I feel really good about this treatment and others where I have this mini panic attacks and my mind wonders to places where they shouldn’t go to.

Yesterday Tom asked me if I want to stay with the same OB or not. I’m still not sure what to do. I want to ask my RE about it, but yesterday we were so excited and anxious about everything that I forgot to ask.

There’s this doctor that I heard about that I might see. I’m not sure yet. I feel bad leaving my current OB but I want to feel 100% comfortable with my OB and with my current one I don’t.

I might call my RE’s office and ask if they can refer me to someone or I could call this potential OB and talk to them instead. AHHHH so many little things to think and deal with.

I’m still waiting to hear from the Pharmacy that they ordered my meds from. They should call me today and have them delivered tomorrow. I’m itching to call them myself and see what’s the hold up.

Ohh I forgot to mention that I’m not just taking Follistim for this treatment.

I’m also taking 1000mg of Metformin + 81mg baby aspirin + Pre-Natals.

I’ll be taking this for a while, if we do get a positive I’ll carry this one for even longer.

I’m praying so hard that we’re blessed again.


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